Do you climb regularly on lead but your level is stagnating? Break through with this course by structuring your practice to improve your physical condition and also the technical, tactical and mental components essential for climbing performance.


Course content
Specific techniques, fall arrest, muscle strengthening, injury prevention and stress management are the main themes of this course. Under the guidance of a coaching instructor, you will work in a structured way with specific exercises, video analysis, and a training schedule. Thanks to quality follow-up and constant evaluation of performance, you will quickly progress!

Intended for experienced climbers who want to progress faster, this course allows you to reach your personal goals. Training sessions can be adapted according to the wishes of the participants, using lead climbing or bouldering.

Minimum age 16 years. To register, it is necessary to have completed Basic Courses 1 and 2 or to have equivalent knowledge and experience.
To bring
Sports clothes and a drink (water)
This course takes place in 6 sessions of 2 hours and 30 minutes spread over 3 months. During the non-sessional weeks, you will receive a training plan ensuring you continue to progress.
Registration can be made on our climbing site no later than 1 day before the course.
Gym entries are included in the course price.
30% for persons with a valid membership for all course dates.
Number of the courseDatesFree places
Tue 02.02-27.04.21
18h30 to 21h00

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