Type of course

Discovery courses for children from 8 to 16 years old

Do you like climbing and you want to try your hand at sports climbing safely under the supervision of a monitor? Sign up for one of our "Discovery courses".

Course Content
Playful warm-up, information on our infrastructure and its use, rock climbing and first ascents of the climbing walls
1 hour and 30 minutes
No prior knowledge required, age between 5 and 12 years (or age between 8 and 16 years)
To bring
Sports clothes and a drink (water)
Belaying techniques necessary to use the infrastructure of a climbing gym in an autonomous way are not taught during the "Discovery" course.
Would you like to be trained to climb independently? Enroll in a regular course or practice further with our courses for parents and children.
Les inscriptions peuvent être effectuées sur le site grimper.ch au plus tard 5 jours avant le cours. Passé ce délai, vous pouvez encore vous inscrire par téléphone, auprès du secrétariat (026 465 29 14), du lundi au vendredi, dans la mesure des places encore disponibles.

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