Discovery course for families

Discover climbing in a private course with your family!

Enjoy our climbing walls and challenge yourself in the safe hands of our experienced instructors.

Course Content
Playful warm-up, information on our infrastructure and its use, rock climbing and first ascents of our climbing walls
1 hour and 30 minutes
No previous knowledge required, children from 4 years old
To bring
Sports clothes and a drink (water)
It is necessary to reserve the date of your choice with our secretary, either by e-mail or by telephone. We will send you a confirmation as soon as possible.
Belaying techniques necessary to use the infrastructure of a climbing gym in an autonomous way are not taught during the "Discovery" course.
After this "Discovery" course, register for a "Basic Course 1" or a "Parent-Child" course.
For the course with entrance and equipment included:
— CHF 140.- for 1 parent and 1 child
— CHF 150.- for 1 parent and 2 children
— CHF 160.- for 1 parent and 3 children
— CHF 170.- for 1 parent and 4 children
— CHF 170.- for 2 parents and 1 child
— CHF 180.- for 2 parents and 2 children
— CHF 190.- for 2 parents and 3 children
— CHF 200.- for 2 parents and 4 children

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