Climbing is a fascinating sport. Give your class the chance to discover it during a school trip, a sports day or as part of topic weeks.

Course Content
Playful warm-up, information on the infrastructure and its use, rock climbing and first ascents of our climbing walls
Your choice

No prior knowledge required, children from 5 years
To bring
Sports clothes and a drink (water)
It is necessary to reserve the date of your choice with our secretary, either by e-mail or by telephone. We will send you a confirmation as soon as possible.
Participation in a "School" course corresponds to a "Discovery" course for children. The techniques of belaying necessary to use the infrastructure of a climbing room in an autonomous way are not taught
We offer preferential rates for schools during the day. These vary according to the size of the group, the duration of your course and the presence of accompanying persons or monitors. Please ask us for an offer.

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