A large number of belay devices are now available on the market. Current trends tend to favor assisted locking devices or semiautomatic braking.


Without being a guarantee of absolute safety, these belaying devices bring a real plus for the safe practice of climbing, provided they are used correctly.


During this course, you will learn about the characteristics of the various current belay systems and master the specific handling of each of these devices.


Course Content
• Characteristics of the various belay systems: tubes with assisted braking (Smart, Jul2, Mega Jul, Click Up) and semi-automatic (Grigri).
• Handling and learning how to manipulate the different belaying systems: give slack and take rope efficiently and specifically while minimising risk. 
• Dynamic belaying with the different systems
2 heures de cours
Minimum age 16, and completion of "Basic Courses 1 and 2" or equivalent knowledge and experience
This course is designed for climbers who already have a good knowledge of belaying.
Registration can be made on our climbing site no later than 5 days before the course. After this deadline, you can still register by telephone with our secretary (026 465 29 14), Monday to Friday, if there are places still available.
Pour 2h de cours, entrée et matériel inclus, prix par personne :
• CHF 110.- pour 2 personnes
• CHF 85.- pour 3 personnes
• CHF 70.- pour 4 personnes
• CHF 60.- pour 5 personnes
• CHF 50.- pour 6 personnes
(20 CHF de réduction pour les personnes avec abonnement)

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