You wish to share with your work colleagues or members of your club a rich experience in emotions?

A climbing lesson in one of our climbing gyms will build mutual confidence between partners and foster a sense of achievement.

Contents of the lesson
Warm up together, introduction to belaying techniques followed by the first ascents of the climbing walls.
2 hours lesson

This offer is valid from 6 participants. No prior knowledge required.
To take with you
Sport clothes and something to drink (or a bottle of water)
Lessons in English or in German possible, when requested on booking.
It is necessary to book the date of your choice at the secretariat, either by e-mail or by phone. We will send you a confirmation as soon as possible.
You enjoy the experience, and would you like to learn how to climb independently? Then sign up for a “Cours de base 1 ou 2” (or "Basic course 1 or 2").
The participation to a Company or Club event corresponds to that of a "Discovery" lesson. The belaying techniques which are necessary to use the infrastructure of a climbing gym independently is not taught during this lesson.
Our cafeteria is at your disposal for a moment of relaxation after the effort. On request we will be happy to organise an aperitif.
• CHF 49 per person (minimum 6 participants)
• CHF 45.00 per person (minimum 25 participants)
(Entry fees and materials included)


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