At the heart of our concerns

varied and frequently renewed
Our number 1 priority? That you can always challenge yourself. To do so, we continuously renew our routes and offer many courses. Every week, come and discover our new routes and boulders.

open to everyone, from beginner to experienced
With us, you have the possibility to practice the 3 disciplines of sport climbing. Areas are also reserved for top roping, for children and for training. Would you like to progress? Our certified instructors are here to help you.


remarkable from our team!
Whether it is our instructors, our reception staff, our route setters or our administration, everyone works to meet your expectations. Our team is here to provide you the best experience!

An environment

warm, friendly and facilitating exchanges
Our gyms offer more than just climbing! You can spend a great time and will always be welcomed with a smile! After your climbing session, come to our bar to enjoy a drink, a bite to eat or simply to chill.

Our development

A story of passion!

Present on the cliffs since always, Martin and Daniel Rebetez dreamed of expanding the practice of this sport to the public. In 2010, the first project began in the zone industrielle of Givisiez (canton of Fribourg). Not long underway, they rapidly needed complete the offer by proposing new courses and regularly renewing the routes and boulders. Delighted by the Fribourgeoise’s enthusiasm for their climbing gym, the two brothers turned their attention to Lausanne and began a new project in Echandens, which was inaugurated in 2015. In just a few years, climbing gained in popularity and visibility. This general enthusiasm for their favorite sport, enabled to expand their offer with two new climbing gyms, one in Villeneuve and one in Fribourg, which opened in end of 2019 and beginning of 2020. And for the next, the future will tell!

  • Incendie de la salle de Satigny

    Après 365 jours d'ouverture, la nouvelle installation de panneaux solaires déclanche le feu.

  • Ouverture de la salle de Lausanne-Beaulieu
  • Ouverture de la salle de Satigny
  • Ouverture de la salle de Fribourg
  • Ouverture de la salle de Villeneuve
  • Ouverture de la salle d'Echandens
  • Ouverture de la salle de Givisiez


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