Types of courses

You love climbing and you wish to try sport climbing in security, under the responsibility of an instructor? So then sign up to one of our “Discovery lessons for kids”.

Contents of the lesson
Fun warm up, information on the infrastructure and its utilisation, bouldering and the first ascents of the climbing walls.
1h30 lesson
No prior knowledge required, ages included from 5 to 16 years.
To take with you
Sport clothes and something to drink (or a bottle of water)
The technique to belay which are necessary to use the infrastructure of a climbing gym independently are not taught during the Discovery lessons.
After this, sign up for a regular training or practice climbing as a family with our lessons “parents-enfants” (or parents-kids).
The registrations can be done on the website grimper.ch at the latest 1 day before the course.

Courses available in these gyms


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