Do you want to train regularly? Then this course is for you!

Thanks to the advice of an experienced instructor, you will practice many different elements of climbing, enabling you to progress quickly.

Course Content
Improvement of climbing movements, tactical aspects, physical conditioning, improvement of belaying techniques, individual coaching

To register, it is necessary to have attended at least one semester of "Level 1" courses for 8-10 year olds
To bring
Sports clothes and a drink (water)
Registration can be made on our climbing site no later than 15 days before the course.

Upcoming Courses - Climbing gym Echandens

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Wed 01.02-07.06.23
16h30 to 18h30
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Ongoing Courses - Climbing gym Echandens

Dates Free places
Mon 30.01-12.06.23
17h00 to 19h00

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