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A large number of belay devices are now available on the market. Current trends tend to favor assisted locking devices or semiautomatic braking.

Without being a guarantee of absolute safety, these belaying devices bring a real plus for the safe practice of climbing, provided they are used correctly.

During this course, you will learn about the characteristics of the various current belay systems and master the specific handling of each of these devices.

Course Content
Theoretical bases, control of belay fundamentals, use of different belay devices, dynamic belay training, acquisition of reflexes, anticipation of the fall space, fall workshops.
2 hours
• Minimum age 16
• Completion of "basic courses 1 and 2" or equivalent knowledge and experience
• Encourage your regular climbing partner to take this course with you.
• This course is also recommended for people who climb regularly but have not received basic training from an instructor. This allows them to update their knowledge.
Please contact us by e-mail or telephone during the secretary's opening hours so that we can advise you on the formula best suited to your wishes and availability.
For 2 hours course, entrance and material included, price per person:
• CHF 110.- for 2 people
• CHF 85.- for 3 people
• CHF 70.- for 4 people
• CHF 60.- for 5 people
• CHF 50.- for 6 people


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