For a week, the children practice climbing in the mornings and take part in nature discovery activities in the afternoons. They return home each evening.

Course content
The morning climbs with the children are supervised by a ASSE certified instructor, and are generally conducted as follows:
- Fun warm-up
- Bouldering
- Top roping
- Training on climbing technique
- Various games related to the discipline

During the afternoons, the children go out to discover nature. These afternoons allow the children to become familiar with various activities related to the nature that surrounds them and to exercise. The program for the week can be as follows*:
- Plant picking
- Realisation of recipes with wild plants and berries
- Forest sofa
- Outdoor games
- Fun hikes along the river
- And many others

* This programme is given as an example. It is subject to change according to weather conditions and the guide's suggestions. The full programme will be sent to you the weekend before the camp.
From 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Between 6 and 12 years old
No previous climbing experience required
A good dose of enthusiasm and energy to spare
To take with you
For climbing: sports clothes, water bottle, climbing equipment lent by the gym, 1 picnic and 2 snacks.
For the activities: good walking shoes, rucksack (10l) with big shoulder straps, hat, clothes according to the weather.
Specific equipment for the activities (special shoes, jars, etc.) will be sent to you with the week's programme.
The belay techniques necessary to use the climbing infrastructure independently are not taught during this week. This week takes place from 5 registrations.
Registrations can be made on the website at the latest one day before the start of the course. Entrance fees and climbing equipment are included in the course price, as are all activities organized during the week.
There are currently no "Climbing and nature week" classes scheduled in this gym.
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